WillOaks Studio

Original, artfully designed bracelets and cuffs, neck pieces and earrings, for work and play. Each piece is beautifully hand crafted featuring some combination of pearls, leather, linen, silk, silver, semi-precious stones, and/or glass.

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Knotted Linen Necklace
WillOaks Studio $53.00

Silk and Pearl Cuff
WillOaks Studio$45.00

Smokey Hoop Earrings
WillOaks Studio$24.00

Teardrop Earrings w/ Leaves
WillOaks Studio$21.00

Golden Tigereye Ear Wires
WillOaks Studio$20.00

Lemon Quartz Necklace
WillOaks Studio$46.00


Garnet Necklace
WillOaks Studio $48.00

Chrysoprase Teardrops
WillOaks Studio $24.00

Moonstone Teardrops
WillOaks Studio $47.00

Peridot Necklace
WillOaks Studio $54.00

Faceted Peridot Beads
WillOaks Studio $24.00

Polished Pebbles Bracelet
WillOaks Studio $32.00

Wrapped Oval Hoops
WillOaks Studio $24.00

Hearts & Copper Earrings
WillOaks Studio $20.00

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