Tyramade Jewelry

The nature of tyramade products is "ever changing". While I may make several pairs of earrings with the same components, I try to make them with a different twist. As often is the case, some components may not be available any more, which means I rarely make the same pair of earrings twice.

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Wood & Pewter Dangles
Tyramade $22.00

Ivory & Ebony Earrings
Tyramade $14.00

Ebony Rounds
Tyramade $12.00

Coral Earrings
Tyramade $14.00

Filigree Dangles
Tyramade $22.00

Goddess Chandies
Tyramade $24.00


Goddess Drops
Tyramade $20.00

Blueberries & Cream Ne...
Tyramade $15.00

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