"In just my first visit I found how addicting the site really can become. Clicking from designer to designer, I discovered some really great new pieces I’d like to own one day."
- Jess (Make Under My Life)


"It's like if Etsy had a tea party"
- Brett Manning (brettisagirl)

"I get so overwhelmed + frustrated trying to search Etsy that I was so happy to discover Lovely Clusters. It's a new site that groups shops by color and category. It's so much easier (and more fun!) to search." 
- Chelsea Fuss (Frolic!)

" I love to collect pretty things, put them together and make other pretty things.  which is why lovely clusters is the perfect spot for me."
- Traci French (Bliss)

"Rachel from lovely clusters emailed me about her little shop of etsy it."
- Karen Cavalier (happy cavalier)

"Owner, designer, rachel follett handpicks each seller at lovely clusters so you will have no problem rummaging through to find that special shop cause they are all so yummy! Just beautiful stuff!"
- Nicole (Freshly Blended)

"As a blogger, I love sites like Lovely Clusters, because they make weeding through the internet so much easier. As an entrepreneur, I love them because I enjoy seeing where other independent designers are going with their work, and getting inspired through the images and styling of so many different artists."
- Susy (Hey Susy)

"My favorite feature of the site is being able to search clusters (of handmade goods) by color or type. It's a wonderful concept and fabulous gallery."
- Mary Stonecypher (Olivet)

"If you are a fan of beautiful imagery and handmade items, you have to visit this site."
- Jeanine Hays (Aphro Chic)

"As etsy and the many other online emporiums become crowded with sellers, it can be quite a time sap to click through page after page of possibilities searching for the perfect gem. luckily for those of us who swoon over pretty little things, lovely clusters edits out all the noise down to the most delightful handmade and vintage treasures."
-Leigh (hapa|hale)