Handmade jewelry for the modern women of today. A touch of whimsy, a touch of feminism, a touch of romanticism, a touch of class. Always wearable.

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Thousand Origami Cranes
sparklethots $32.95

Misty Blue Checkers
sparklethots $29.95

Romantic Concoctions
sparklethots $29.95

Tears of Joy
sparklethots $18.50

Rosy -- A Hint of Blush
sparklethots $32.50

Budding in Spring
sparklethots $39.00


Handpressed Perfection
sparklethots $19.95

Calm & Collected Necklace
sparklethots $45.00

Afternoon Tea for Two
sparklethots $19.50

Frosted Blooms
sparklethots $19.50

Stargazing Diamonds
sparklethots $15.50

I Dream of Lavender Fields
sparklethots $50.50

Pink Juicy Drops
sparklethots $8.95

Decked in White Bracelet
sparklethots $26.95

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