Between redecorating our house and my full time job, I spend nearly every other spare second in my sewing room creating items for this shop. I enjoy making my visions come to life as well as mixing and matching colors and patterns. One day I hope to have more sewing time so the world can see all of my visions!

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Cup of Tea - Mini Plush
Olive $19.00

The Birdie Bunch Pillow
Olive $25.00

Heart Pillow
Olive $26.00

50's Birdcage Pillow
Olive $19.00

Full Bloom Pillow
Olive $20.00

Take Me Anywhere
Olive $40.00


Gaggle of Geese Pillow
Olive $29.00

Rose Pillow
Olive $20.00

Birds and Bows Pillow
Olive $24.00

Stringing a Banner - Deer
Olive $38.00

School of Fish Pillow
Olive $19.00

Suitcase Pillow #23
Olive $40.00

Downtown Pillow
Olive $30.00

Ahoy Pillow
Olive $32.00

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