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My name is Anna-Marie, but my friends call me Minkie or Minx. I have been sewing and designing since around 2002 and used my design skills to put myself through business school. I have since graduated college, moved to the East Coast, built a house, and I am ready to get back into sewing, designing, and creating.

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Tunic w/ Leaf Applique
Minx Shop $70.00

Scoop Back Tunic Steel
Minx Shop $80.00

Striped Jersey Dress
Minx Shop $160.00

Teatime Adventure Dress
Minx Shop $120.00

Curious Conventions
Minx Shop $80.00

Playful Lace Skirt
Minx Shop $80.00


Nautical Navy Blue Tunic
Minx Shop $95.00

Dire Situations Skirt
Minx Shop $110.00

Intricate Black Lace Tunic
Minx Shop $80.00

Teachers Pet Bib Shirt
Minx Shop $80.00

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