If you have a question that is not answered here please email me at rachel@lovelyclusters.com.

Q. How do I get my items on your site?
A. Once you have purchased your desired option we will choose the items and add them to our site so you can sit back and relax. :)


Q. Do you take a percentage from my sales?
A. No, all of your items are linked to your shop website (i.e. etsy, dawanda, etc) where customers will check out. There is no purchasing through our site.

Q. How is Lovely Clusters different than other online advertisers?
A. Viewers are able to see the sellers products and not just their logo. They are clicking on items because they are interested in a seller and will most likely spend more time browsing their products.

Q. Is the only fee I pay the monthly fee?
A. Yes, there are no hidden charges. We do not take a percentage of your sales. All purchases are made through your etsy site.

Q. Do I get to choose the items from my shop that are featured on your site?
A. No, although we will take suggestions from you. We do this to keep our style consistent and we want to make sure that the items fit well into our category and color clusters.

Q. Do you make me sign any contracts stating that I can only advertise on your site?
A. No, we want you to be able to market your products wherever possible!

Q. What happens if I sell an item?
A. We will either update the link to the new available listing or replace it with another item if there are no more in stock.

Q. How do my items get updated when they are sold or when prices change?
A. We go through your item links once every two weeks to make sure your links and prices reflect the same as your shop. If you need something updated faster you can email us and we will make the changes ASAP.

Q. How do I pay you?
A. If your shop has been approved by either Rachel or Vicki you can purchase your desired option through paypal on our checkout page HERE>>

Q. Do I automatically get billed each month?
A. No, we will email you once your month has expired to see if you would like to renew. You would then go to the checkout page and choose your desired option.

Q. What happens after I purchase my desired option?
A. We will go through your shop items and choose our favorites. We will take images and info directly off of your shop and we will email you to make sure everything looks okay with you once its up on the site.

Q. How long does it take to get my items on your site?
A. It usually takes a few days to a week.

Q. What should I be paying per click for online advertising?
A. In our experience with advertising on other sites we like to go with 10-30 cents a click. Google Adwords tends to charge .50 cents and up a click. We suggest dividing the amount you are paying each month on the site by the number of hits you are receiving to see how much you are paying per click.

Q. How can I track the stats from Lovely Clusters to my shop?
A. If you have an etsy site we recommend that you use Google Analytics. You can get a code by going to this link when you are signed in to your etsy account. If you need help setting it up you can visit the etsy FAQ or email us with questions. You can use Google Analytics for other shops as well.