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Creativ*Bee Designs was started in 2003 as the creative outlet for the various types of media that I love to work with. I am a graphic designer by trade, but I also work in fiber, photography, jewelry, metals, and other art media.

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Bubblegum Earrings
Creativ Bee $28.00

Green Jade Teardrops
Creativ Bee $28.00

Petal Dust Earrings
Creativ Bee $25.00

Framed Print
Creativ Bee$45.00

Lemon Yellow Teardrops
Creativ Bee $28.00

He Likes Me Necklace
Creativ Bee $45.00


Buttercup Petals Neckl...
Creativ Bee$75.00

Sweet Love Locket
Creativ Bee $35.00

Vintage Pearl & Brass Ear
Creativ Bee $38.00

Mint Green Gemstone
Creativ Bee $55.00

Blue Drop Earrings
Creativ Bee $28.00

Lemon Quartz Pendant
Creativ Bee $65.00

Red Drop Earrings
Creativ Bee $28.00

Be My Valentine
Creativ Bee $38.00

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